(Okay this isn’t like an update or anything  - just wanted to inform yall that basically my head super messed up and it’s just better for me to focus on Not Social Interactions right now (bc wow how do you do this stuff) but I still love you all and I’m so sorry I keep disappearing. At some point I will manage to work out my mind and we can have cupcakes and nobody will die or whatever, but it is not this day for some reason. So…yeah. Just FYI to everyone.)

(sorry if this is stating the obvious) Well, it’s a pun - Gavroche hears “bellum” as “bel homme.” Hapgood leaves that for the reader to work out, but all the other translations make it clearer.

That was not at all stating the obvious because I tend to miss those things. Interesting!

"Quick, cartridges, para bellum.”
“A fine man! that’s true,” said Gavroche, who now understood Latin.

I wrote the Regulus death thing. Features almost-dead Regulus and despairing Kreacher, primarily, with major cameos by the Inferi.

So yeah. Warning for drowning and death and some truly nasty potion, I guess.

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if you’re american, you should totally do this dialect test

it’s super interesting

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all right. how would you like me to send it since I’m not ready to put it up? email, or skype so we can chat about things later, or?

I don’t actually have skype…what about google docs?

all right. may I share a not-ready-to-publish Regulus snippet with you in return?

Absolutely yes!

Yeah, I would. The Black brothers are the biggest thing in my head lately. And I’ve had things like that, things I felt disturbed by wanting to write, but usually I’ve found it’s best to get it out? You can decide later whether to share it or not.

Hm. Expect it soon, then, I suppose!

I would like to see what you do with Regulus’ death. (I don’t know where all my Les Mis went either….)

Would you really? Because I’m in a writing mood at the moment and I’m sure this will probably be very triggery (drowning and hallucinations and extreme pain, etc.) and I’m almost worried by how much I want to write this…

(I’m sure at some point it’ll come back. I’ve learned that about moods - they come and go but neither good nor bad moods stay forever, which could be either reassuring or irritating. I don’t know.)

I wrote something and I think I like it but it’s really disturbing…like my mind is in a really darkly imaginative place right now but I feel fine?